Olay: 53

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London, UK
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Silburn, Kate Stanners
Creative Director: Daniel Mailliard
Art Director: Stanley Cheung
Copywriter: Jonathan Benson
Typography / Retouching: Firstbase

May 2008


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yun siang orangutan
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Nice one.

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sorry but what does bodycare for "humans" have to do with animalskin? come on...

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zorry is olay now for animal,
if yes I think my cat need this :)

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I really loved this.Full marks to the agency! :)
Amit Singh

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I applaud Olay for sticking to positioning themselves as the anti-age, anti-wrinkle cream of choice, but this whole visual "trickery" with numbers is getting old FAST! It's possible to reinvent the strategy and still talk about the same product benefit without resorting to this hackneyed visual gimmick, ya know?...

That said, I really liked the campaign with the number (I think it was 40) behind objects (trees, bedroom curtain, closet, etc.) to show it's creeping up on you. At least it had an emotional target insight attached to it and showed it in a tongue-in-cheek way.

With this work, it feels like I'm drinking a rich, aromatic imported coffee, but it's lukewarm. : (

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Hide your age was done out of S&S Sydney better, it got a silver lion.


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I like S&S Syndney's better as well. The animal aspect of this stuff just ads another layer to a simple concept.

| think small |

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This whole idea is illogical. Animals use mimicry and camouflage for protection and to hide from other animals. The patterns on animals fur or skin mimics the surrounding so that the animal looks indistinguishable from it. So why the numbers are patterns on the skin? I read it that you, the target, can mimic the environment too, by looking like 40 years old, actually being X years old. I sense some serious mental shortcut here.

Plus, I cannot see the numbers on the skin here, so this patrticular execution does not work.

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I find it ironic they use animals to sell the product, as they test this kind of stuff on animals too (ok, maybe not tigers, but still).

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Not fast and boring.

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It was thinker, but I liked the idea.

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Are these tested on animals?


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Visually it's cool but it doesn't make any sense using these visuals wiuthout reason. I understand that's camouflage but this is not really connected to the product.

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Jesus! What planet are some of you guys on. I've never read so much drivel in all my life. Some of the comments on these ads appear to be from the intellectually impaired, not from advertising and marketing specialists (mind you some might argue there is actually no disitiction there). And as for those that just want to slag of ads time and time again, how about you put some of your work up for critique!

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Theres a simple solution...

Use people instead of animals. You could use the patterns on each person's clothing. Much better?

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This idea is great and so simple, how can you guys be writing such bullshit. All its supposed to say is it hides your age, in this campaign's case it is said visually with camoflage.

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