Olay: 46

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Magnus Olsson
Art Director / Illustrator: Nils Taildeman
Copywriter: Menno Schipper

February 2008


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I like the idea, but it doesn't really work as a billboard. Double-page in a magazine, maybe.

monicamexico's picture
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Interesting idea but takes too long to get. People would flip/drive right past it.

Sharp's picture
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I don’t agree. I think the message is clear and smart. Granted it may take a few more seconds to “get” it but I think the reader will feel rewarded for figuring it out.

but_why's picture
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I think it takes too long

jazarah's picture
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interesting, but done

amsterdam73's picture
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who says it's a billboard?

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I like the idea, don't know if it has been done before. If you say so, please show us. The oththing with this is that it is not a briefing, but just made for the festivals. I don't no what to think about that.

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All these karoake ideas (type fixing) for oil of olay are really getting stale and old.

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I prefer the other Olay ads that were posted here before--the ones that warped the numbers or hid bits of them. Those were brilliant. These, not so much.

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It's not a bad idea...wrong execution though. It took me more than a minute to get it and that's something you never want in advertising.

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