Olay: 41

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London, UK
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Silburn, Kate Stanners
Creative Director: Daniel Mailliard
Art Director: Stanley Cheung
Copywriter: Jonathan Benson
Typography / Retouching: Firstbase

May 2008


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22 pencils

I cdn,t understd this! Why u slct this visual?

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22 pencils

o yes. its 41!bt its not clear..#


yun siang orangutan's picture
yun siang orangutan
298 pencils

Number 1 to me.

getconnected2001's picture
987 pencils

Even without numbers, it would have been that effective rather more effective.
Nice campaign overall.

Amit Singh

Grrrr's picture
1961 pencils

Aaaahhh! Animals!

judgeAd's picture
30 pencils

i think the pattern of animals skins, it's too forced! Nice try guys!

jungle boy's picture
jungle boy
196 pencils

but why animal skin?
somebody plz explain this...

brainzed's picture
652 pencils

Because they're testing their products on animals…

adgoddess's picture
369 pencils

This whole idea is illogical. Animals use mimicry and camouflage for protection and to hide from other animals. The patterns on animals fur or skin mimics the surrounding so that the animal looks indistinguishable from it. So why the numbers are patterns on the skin? I read it that you, the target, can mimic the environment too, by looking like 40 years old, actually being X years old. I sense some serious mental shortcut here.

The execution, however, is top.

reactor's picture
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At the initial glance, I dont know if it sends the right message to the target group, although it is an arresting image. One is forced to think about it. And animal experts can tell the age of an animal by just looking at the size of the patterns...and that is contradicting to the concept. But an average person can`t.(to its plus point). Hide- has 2 meanings. The obvious meaning plus it is also.. `The raw or dressed skin of an animal.esp.a large animal`. What does all this mean? I think it can mean different things to different people. But they all ultimately get the message that the product helps aging in a tough way. Perhaps the ad succeeds in standing out from the clutter of the usual cosmetic ads???


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What nonsense 'reactor' just wrote. Your ad has to say one 'clear' thing to everyone (or to the TG), and not different things to different people. This ad is vague at best. And actually just a load of crap in reality. It's an art director falunting his photoshop skills with a flimsy (if at all any) idea tacked on.

reactor's picture
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Garg0yle, If all ads and all communication is delivered and received with full clarity, what a wonderful..wonderful world it would be?. And i am not advocating that an ad should confuse or mean different things to different people. But in this ad it COULD happen. I didnt do this ad. I am just placing food for thought. Here, the animal skin attached to Olay brand can evoke different emotions to different people depending on who they are? What are their life experiences? how much have they travelled? and so on..And let us face another reality. A client like OLAY can afford to do that. The TG clearly knows what Olay is. Notice that there are no specific claims in this ad. It just wants attention. And it will grab lots of that. Perhaps that is the ad strategy for this particular campaign. SOMETIMES WE ALL KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY ARE RECONCILED TO THE FATE OF MAKING SENSE OUT OF UTTER NONSENSE!


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This idea is great and so simple, how can you guys be writing such bullshit. All its supposed to say is it hides your age, in this campaign's case it is said visually with camoflage.

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