Okaz: Wedding

Buckle Up. Live.

Unconnected, the first part read a sad message, yet when connected to the second part through the seatbelt, the complete sentence would reveal a happier, life-celebrating meaning. This clearly depicts that the use of seatbelt is an easy & effective way to preserve and cherish one's life.

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director: Mohamad Sarhi
Associate Creative Director: Shafiq Alam
Senior Art Director: Mahmoud Khawaja
Copywriters: Amar Hasan, Lynn Ramadan
3D Artist: Junaid Khan
Graphic Designers: Sajid Ali, Ferdie Magsino

January 2014


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What?! I don't get it...

vjayhappy's picture
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if u dont buckle up....the first phrase is a disaster. but if u buckle up it continues into a harmless sentence. hope i'm right. :-)

kleenex's picture
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I loved the font work and copy.

vjayhappy's picture
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cool. simple and very interesting.

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