kre8's picture
989 pencils

so the dude is confused because you use a facial moisturiser?

is there anything else to this that im missing?

IanLB's picture

If you don't get the idea then I think you need a career change. May I suggest sanitation?

ChuckNorris's picture
834 pencils

the person who owns the passport looks younger than in the photo, because she uses olay.

nothing new, but okay.

kre8's picture
989 pencils

got that.
maybe this should have been filed in the "first thoughts" basket.
bit too obvious.
but who am i to judge?

seang's picture
2 pencils

I think he's pissed because the jar is more than three ounces. Otherwise... boo.

justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

this reminds me of this brilliant Land Rover ad that was done a few years back where the guy in the land rover had long hair with a beard and the passport photos was when he was clean shaven.
Have you got that Ivan?

ChuckNorris's picture
834 pencils

yes, it reminded me of that ad aswel.

It was done by TBWA hunt lacaris, and was great indeed. It won some hardware (a gold lion, I think).

kre8's picture
989 pencils

yeah, that land rover ad rocked.
it was taken to another level.
this ad though, i think is just lazy.

popdistortion's picture
1594 pencils

I like it. Seems familiar and maybe its been done before but I just love the expression on that guys face.

act's picture
535 pencils

done many years ago as a tv spot...

kandi's picture
204 pencils

She has developed adverse skin problems after using Olay. All kinds of sh*t are crawling over her face, so the officer is unable to recognise her...

rubberstamp's picture
66 pencils

very average... much better oil of olay ads exist

sabrihakim's picture
128 pencils

I like the concept, direction could have been better; if he held the passport
in a differetn way and had his eyes more visible. The main focus of this add is
the passport and his stare, the two for me arent very clear.

CDart's picture
54 pencils

Actualy i agree with you... but its not his eyes its his face impretion...

ozone's picture
14 pencils

He is looking @ her breast implants "just kidding".

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils


It's a french brand innit?

joe_connelly's picture
12 pencils

OLAZ is the German brand name.

Desi's picture
1052 pencils

Done to death.

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

in some countries it's olay, in germany, france (?), netherlands etc it's olaz.

i thought he was looking at her closely because she's so wrinkled now and on the photo she looks so much younger. so she'd better use O.o.O.
to me he looks kinda disgusted by her real face

PeteHH's picture
202 pencils

Yeah, the Land Rover ad was absolutely brilliant. This one is a bad joke. Not to mention the execution is looks soooooooo forced.

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

That guy looks like he has gas.

comingsoon's picture
117 pencils

Great jobs!

Guest's picture

It is amazing how creative business cards can be, but annoying if they do not conform to the standard size.

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