Office of Traffic Safety: Trucker Safety, 3

Think of who's along for the ride. If it affects you, it affects your family.
Always buckle up.
Government of Alberta

Advertising Agency: Calder Bateman Communications, Edmonton, Canada
Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Copywriter: Pierre Chan
Art Director: Nicola Pringle
Photographer: Curtis Trent
Retoucher: Grant Currie
Account manager: Cheyrl Meger


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Same problem with this one as the rest of the campaign. It's a lovely ad, but the key message is buried at the bottom with no sense of weight or visual urgency.

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Sophia Lambadaridis
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I completely agree.

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Sophia Lambadaridis
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I think it's too designed. Way too much noise and direction. It needs to be stripped back considerably.

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Yeah, I think you said it beautifully. I also think there's too much copy. And there's not even much copy, so in this case, not much is too much. There are like three taglines!

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The copy needs to stand out and shout when it needs to! But over all a great concept! I really loved it!!!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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