Odis: 6-8-0

The safest 3 numbers lock.

Account Manager Erick Krohn

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Cesar Agost Carreño
Creative Directors: Francisco Camacho, Nicolas Neumann
Art Directors: Jaime Bustamante, Constanza Cortínez
Copywriters: Juan Pablo Tyrer, Maria Jesus Jarpa, Francisco Camacho
Illustrators: Marcel Lagos, Felipe Díaz

November 2011


Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1684 pencils

So get a case with a much safer 4 number lock

kleenex's picture
41182 pencils

I guess.

bryanh03's picture
194 pencils

Is it just me or has there been this trend of hanging things from the ceiling with wires or string going on a lot in advertising. I notice it a lot in print ads and also on some commercials. Anybody else?

Setinho's picture
298 pencils

Would be better if it was a real instalation.

Alicia Espinoza's picture
Alicia Espinoza
17 pencils

Nice idea the numbers creating a sort of protector for the suitcases, the execution is very attractive, but I do not find much sense in the scene. It seems more like a piece of art in a museum, it has no relation with the suitcase. I think it could be better if you relate the suitcase with the scene or a situation in the scene.

ItMatters's picture
2167 pencils

nice lock.

Fernando Fernandes's picture
Fernando Fernandes
1410 pencils

3D com uma boa ideia e uma boa ativaçao!!! Perfeita campanha!

Chopper's picture
1015 pencils

Nice, but I don't like the setting.

Brandon Marlo's picture
Brandon Marlo
350 pencils

not bad.

rciavatta's picture
11 pencils

Why is it hanging from the ceiling? :)

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