Odebrecht: Maracanã, 1

57 years ago, Brazil needed a brand new stadium to host a World Cup. Isn't it funny how history repeats itself.

These ads are related to the recent reforms in Brazil's most famous stadium: Maracanã. The reform is part of a national effort to make Rio de Janeiro able to host the Olympics in 2012 and Brazil to host World Cup of 2014.

Advertising Agency: Casa da Criação, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Creative Director: Heleno Bernardi
Art Director: Rodrigo Lomelino
Copywriter: Marcelo Coli
Photographer: Romeceli Jr.
Published: 2007


L.Amad.'s picture

The image is fliped. Just notice the name of the sponsor in the white shirt of the guy. Tsc Tsc.

Guest's picture

Estamos esperando que a Odebrecht ganha a licitação para a reforma rumo a Copa do Mundo 2012...

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