Ocean Defenders Campaign: Albatross

How to starve to death on a full stomach. The 272 pieces of rubbish pictured above were fed to this fledgind albatross along with fish caught by its mother. The plastic accumulated in its stomach until it was literally 'too full to eat'. Careless and unregulated dumping is just one of the ways we're killing our oceans. Become an ocean defender at oceans.greenpeace.org

Advertising Agency: Publicis Mojo Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Lachlan Mcpherson
Copywriters / Art Directors: Nick Worthington


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Ah... now I know where I left my lighter...

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Shucks! No NatGeo readers here? Not even one? This has really happened. There was an article on it in NatGeo in one of their 2006 issues. The photos in this ad are from the magazine. My first reaction to that article was and the photos, and now for this ad: "Man, I never knew that the plastic bits people leave behind after their picnics could cause so much damage. Got to be more careful."

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It's very sad...

...and this is a very good ad I wanted to say. Nice art direction and really good concept, must speak to the audience.

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I'm not usually one for shock tactics, but this one works. The headline is bang on, grabs my attention, and I like the art direction. Must admit though, while I agree with the overall message, I was a bit turned off when I saw it was for Greenpeace. They're notorius for using shock tactics and going to the extreme.

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Despite GreenPeace's reputation for shock, this ad is great. A real found example of the problem turned into a moving piece. Good work.

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Is that really true? OMG!

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Great work. Pure and relevant information, good line and art direction.

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Sorry, but I simply don't believe this ad. Albatross is a clever bird, he simply can't eat SO MUCH plastic on his own.
I think that GreenPeace guys easily can stuff this pitiable birdy with all the trash pictured.

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Ed Mintone
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Read the copy.

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Comments should be kept to the ad work, not conspiracy theories. Or are you one of THEM.

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a dead albatross baby with an opened stomach.
would be so much better as a direct mailing.

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Now that's shock tactics!

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A truth, well said.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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True but it's not that much.

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Hits the right spot


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it can eat small pieces of stones as well. doesnt sound sound to me.
an albatros swallowing a lighter...

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Make that two lighters! Hmmm, something smells fishy here and it's definitely not my top lip... Hmmm, how can two freaking lighters wet an albatrosses appetite, let alone fit down a fledglings throat? And surely the parent can distinguish between edible FOOD and raw materials, feeding a fledgling a lighter, twice? My bum! Are these guys telling us that albatrosses will find alternative sources of food - even pieces of iron metal, bottle caps and broken glass bottle tops, if they can't find anything digestible? Bullsh*#, these birds might as well then peck on wood and swallow. I don't know what's going on here, but this ish stinks. I don't and never will fathom this blight, it's just too freaking inconceivable!

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Hey Nat geo man up there, akharwatkar to be exact, that 2006 bugger all cra# article was a scam man. Believe dat nigga!

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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