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When "cheap" looks seriously cheap doesnt work.

Why did they used that art direction?? ---> to get teenagers?
Not working for me... maybe in South Africa.

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nice gaijin
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Bad idea, bad direction, bad art, bad message. Bad.

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Mandla N
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Someone is actually approved this work!

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my sis can take over your art director


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Bufff... My eyes...
It's Monday and i see that... Buf, bad week!!!!

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I turned a Prada sandal over in the store and put it back after realizing it was bloody $450. How scribbling a Prada sale in pen on a looseleaf is supposed to attract people who spend $450 on shoes is beyond me.

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are these made for prada or a store where you can find prada? how could i know where to buy my so loved prada sunglasses?

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