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Are we celebrating obesity that day?

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No we are not celebrating...

The idea is that in our days, ideal proportions (as they designed from Da Vinci) tend to disappear. Today's diet habits are a threat for human's health.
So, obese people, must change them in order to return to their "ideal proportions".

Could you please tell me your opinion for this print?
thank you!

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i just want to know one thing. What is the relation between Da Vinci and obesity?

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It's not about Da Vinci... It's about the "Ideal Anatomy Proportions" of man.
The Ideal, were those that DaVinci designed before hundred of years.
In our days, these "anatomy proportions", due to bad diet habits, tend to be like these in the picture,
and that's the problem. These proportions are not the Ideal, so obese people must do something to
return to them...

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I must say, that all you do is wonder what is the connection to Da Vinci. I understand, that he did this drawing of the ideal human body. But our generation only know this as Da vinci, not as the ideal body. Our image of an ideal body is more like naive illustrations from a school book or of course the models and actors of today.

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i think there was something similar to this in the promo poster for the movie 'Idiocracy'.
But still, i like it.

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The problem arises from the naming of the day itself. Perhaps instead of World Obesity Day - it should be "World Obesity Concerns Day".
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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