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why fire trucks only?

life is a playground

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I think someone needs to "extinguish" the entire campaign. It's mildly funny, but still. It looks more like an ADULT toy campaign. Remove Oba (which makes toys), and you'd never be able to guess this is a toy ad. Toys are for kids; keep that in mind as you brainstorm.

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The ideas are really work and i dont think it looks like an ADULT toy campaign.

As you know kids now a day are full of imagination, so is a GREAT idea!!!

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Hot Wheels ads are the new condom ads. They've been done. 1000 times. And much, much better than this.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Security check: if you extinguish fire from a gaz cooker..do gaz still goes out?

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Matt Tonkin
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So when the kid gets the fire truck they play around the stove elements? Yah thats just a great plan isn't it. doesn't appeal to any target for the product, not the kids or the parents, looks like a portfolio filler that went very wrong.

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