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joseph's picture

When I saw Hilton and pants down, I instantenously thought of Paris, Paris Hilton:)

Axxl's picture
Activity Score 208

O____X is definitely unnecessarily.

mikelite's picture
Activity Score 1031

what the deuce is going on here? is that one of snow white's dwarves dropping his drawers?

Zulu's picture
Activity Score 84

Pretty good. I agree with Axxl. The headline isn't necessary.

The character is Obelix from the Asterix and Obelix cartoons. He is, as the Americans would say, "big boned."

Does that make sense now.

pindaro's picture
Activity Score 524

Maybe they are trying to relate de letter missing "beli" with the word Belly.

None the less, I think is an old idea.

Guest's picture

Two ideas on the same ad reduces the streght of the idea.
My advice is: pick one (in my opinion the pants) and cut everthing else. (Dont apply this with the logo, duh!)

GrandChamp's picture
Activity Score 97

Y&R is going down the tubes.

dopppsy's picture
Activity Score 67

exactly what i told dugul. the headline is unecessary.

deeplydippy's picture

REMOVE THE HEADLINE. other wise it's nice.

Zeid's picture

It's a bit too 'suggestive' for a conservative audience like Abu Dhabi.

Pants down in a hotel ..... well, that can mean a lot lof things.

Cerebrum Conexus's picture
Cerebrum Conexus
Activity Score 12

Obelix is really strong and don't need to go to a fitness club! It's an easy but bad idea.

Guest's picture

obelix is for people like the abu dhabians. they dont know western culture at all.

popdistortion's picture
Activity Score 1592

Exactly. I doubt that they grew up with Asterix comic books and know these characters. Boring ad, no concept and no "big" idea.

pradeep's picture

good but it is not very good

joseph's picture

When I saw Hilton and pants down, I instantenously thought of Paris, Paris Hilton:)

Guest's picture

This ad was finalist in NY Festival im right?

dugul74's picture
Activity Score 16

yes it was a finalist at the new york festivals...

chandra's picture

Example in how you can ruin an idea. From O---- to X? You mean you need
XXXXtra large clothes afterwards?

dugul74's picture
Activity Score 16

the idea behind O _ _ _ _ X is the "beli is missing from the word OBELIX as in to convey loose your belly at the others have said two ideas in one doesn't the confusion.

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