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yeah, nothing too exciting here

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R Feurhuber
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Very good, an interesting way to show the range and diversity of the classified pages using a well-know corporative language tool.

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I like the concept, it´s a good way to say "We got every kind of job", but not sounding too obvious. Considering the kind of service, it´s a very smart ad. Great photo too, very intense!

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Italian Job
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I like it very much! Good concept and great art direction.

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Who knew a fiscal analyst and an accounting clerk would give birth to such a group of underachievers...hahah. I think this is simple and to the point and while it may not pull in awards I bet it'll sell a lot of classified ad space and newspapers.

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They didn't gave birth to anyone, this is an office organogram! I also think that this ad helps the client sell ad space and newspapers, and I consider a good thing. If an ad JUST tell a joke and don't help the client, it's not real advertising. The challenge is to do both things.

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Yep. Pay That.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Not award winning, just very good. Like it.

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interesting approach to recruitment ads... also gives the applicant a first hand insight into the hierarchy

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nicely presented.

Like it.

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Great AD! So simple.

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Great ad, by another great brazilian agency. Same kind of visual resource (organogram), but two totally diferent ideas, clients and concepts.

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360 Degrees
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Smart idea - Smart execution

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