O Estado de São Paulo: George

Advertising Agency: Talent, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Leo Macias
Art Directors: Mateus Vilela
Copywriter: João Livi
Illustrator: Mateus Vilela
Photographer: Mario Coelho


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'some mistakes were made, disasters occured, wars started' :) this is a very elegant concept

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Pretty forced... Maybe using Brazilian infamous people... I like the concept though..

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simple concept...great execution...

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daniel ieraci
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Nice concept, although I think I'd prefer it if it was just their names and email addresses. While the copy isn't bad, it just feels a bit unnecessary. Still good though.

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john ler
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I'm wondering if they really created these email addresses. Might bring a lot of fun !

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A great idea, the most i´ve seen since a looooooooooooong time. Congrats!!!!!!!!

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another good work through a long copy

"selling is advertisment"

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Oh goodie, another add that pokes fun of GW. How original....

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You're missing the point. The ads are not poking fun, they are using well-known political leaders to sell their email addresses. All three are very well written (for a non-English speaking agency) and they do the job.In fact I think that this one is the "nicest" one of all. They qualify the bad stuff with the line, '...during which I tried to do my best.'

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To be honest, my political opinions notwithstanding, these are still terrible ads based around a few cheap Bush/Osama/Castro jokes.

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