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i normally don't like pharmaceutical stuff, but this isn't bad. also, this particular one is far better than the other three:
- pain caused by something living/organic
- located over spine (lots of nervous tissue)
- the visual is well put together
- the copy is clear and concise

although, it does seem like there are only two pieces in this campaign (thorns and saw blade). maybe it's reaching too far to be a campaign. it is already a pretty decent ad. also, the logo could really use some love.

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So if I suddenly get breakthrough cancer pain, how do I get in touch with these people? An ad without contact information, a call to action or a website will sell absolutely nothing. As far as the art direction goes, the photoshop work is pretty decent. But damn those hands are big. Reaching to touch your back with both hands like that can only add to the pain. The visuals look like a pair of hands trying to push a rising demon back into hell.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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You dont get in touch with them. You tell your doctor you want it.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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So according to you, I can go to my doctor and say "Doc, I'd like that new nasal thing Nycomed is developing. You know, the one that will radically improve my condition..." No product name? This could only work if it's B2B, otherwise it's a failure.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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These ads are probably geared to doctors. Therefore, they are only for awareness. A sales rep will give the ultimate pitch during a visit to the doctor.

The concept is okay, but it would work better for a back pain treatment.

The copy blows ass. Ellipses? That's copy writing 101.A cheap tactic.

The Photoshop work is good.

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No it's not ad. It's better used for doctor at hospital. It's too terrified!

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I don't see may name, why???

Lorenzo Oleotti
Creative Director

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