Nutcase: Your Style, but safe, 4

Your Style, your brain.

Nutcase helmets not only protect, they also look good. The American firm designs, produces and sells these high-quality, multi-sport helmets which are differentiated from the competition by their distinctive design. Nutcase is now in Europe. We express: Your Style, but safe.

Advertising Agency: Tillmanns, Ogilvy & Mather, Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Volker Kuwertz, Bernd Grellmann
Art Director: Lars Ecker
Post Production: Tex Redfield, Lars Ecker
Photographers: Robert Eikelpoth, Michael Breyer
Account Director: Birgit Gosda

November, 2009


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They make glass helmets?

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well said dude. the old man is cool. nice snap.

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this is gouregus! megi

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Cool grandpa!

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These ads are nice looking and well executed, but it does imply that there is a level of customization that goes far beyond their style range. Also, as a person who wears a helmet to protect my brain while playing roller derby, I am bothered that none of these people have the straps secured under their chins. It's protective gear and if it's not worn the correct way, it won't do much good. And if I don't currently need to protect my brain, I certainly don't hang out with my helmet on. It's not a hat.

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J Designer
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well said. You raised some very valid points.

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i love this helmets

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I think its hard to actually see the helmet, so for me it doesnt really work that well..

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nice try

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