vasiem's picture
10 pencils

simple - smart

works for me

CharlieR's picture
92 pencils

good idea. would be very much better if the big asterix was photographic.

Blaz's picture
69 pencils

i love it...
good job

vicooy's picture
11 pencils

nice execution,I like that detail light and shadow,cool!

Jupiter's picture
547 pencils

May I know what "big photographic asterix" is? CharlieR?

I think the visual looks great as it is...just like those tiny little "*" you see on adverts that explains the catch...
doing a big photographic asterix (to look shiny right?) doesn't work... Nice work guys!

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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Have Heart
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Very clever!

Garg0yle's picture
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Charlie has a point! If the picture had a natural twinkle... OR if a real twinkle was superimposed on to the pic, it would have been better than a fake astrix.

Hope Jupiter now gets what Charlie meant by "big photographic asterix"

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love this.......very goood

love anything creative

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Umberto Vonspiel
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Pretty cool, though I'm agree with Garg0yle and Charlie about the twinkle.

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Great, Cabelo de Pipoca!

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

Heads's picture
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Very good. 8/10.


craftsman's picture
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Brilliant :)
Arguably, the most no-nonsense, straight forward ad for a shoe shine in decades...
I even like this one better than the iconic "Rear View Mirror" from years ago.
Great job!

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john ler
667 pencils

Wish i had done it !
But i'm too busy at posting silly comments on AOTW to think about it.

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Yes, quite simple. It works.

bis's picture
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sorry, done

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stereodeluxe, this is the ... a cat? Like?

wtp's picture
6 pencils

stereodeluxe, this is the ... a cat? Like?

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Frits Harkema
713 pencils

* Not that original.

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quick combination of an asterisk and a shinning star... he he he, for further references look at the note. Cool. Not really achieved. But the car look of the shoe really atracts attention. It could be a better Nine West ad.

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Nice photo... like it

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R. Rinaldi
686 pencils


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Oh I totally get it dude...My point is, Garg0yle take note, when you use an icon/symbol to represent something,
you have to use exactly the SAME icon/symbol to explain it...

You use "twinkle" on the main visual and then use "asterisk" to describe the benefit of the product???
Where's the link/consistency dude??? COMBO doesn't work:-)

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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simple and good. I just dont like this shine effect , could be more realistic.

RM's picture
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Student work*

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very nice

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the message is clear in smart way .. this ad is working for me

malkiampashi's picture
24 pencils

it's a cool shine.

nice ad.

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