NTK Oxygen Sensors: Ears

NTK oxygen sensors install right the first time so you can tend to other things.
Precision-engineered NTK oxygen sensors feature OEM form, fit and function right out of the box, for quick, easy installation on any vehicle. No problems. No callbacks.

Advertising Agency: Engauge, Columbus, USA
Creative Director: Jason Bergeron
Art Director: Dan Magdich
Copywriter: David Stone
Photographer: John Sanderson
Published: August 2009


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Yeah, we did this idea several years ago. And I did work in Columbus. Hmmmm.

HDR is too artificial.

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got a link?

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this is a funny idea. why all the crappy remarks?

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Exceso del efecto Dragan... se ve un poco tosco..

"Si eres buen copy, presiona alt + F4"

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I like them. The messaging is very subtle. May be over the heads for some but they're good for the category.

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Bad hdr. It's like, "Hey, let's find a bad illustration annual from the 70s and try to copy that."

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what is the problem? I understand this - very simple.

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Please I wants an explanation for this advertising campaign

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