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I usually never comment when I don't like an ad, but this is just a plain lame analogy with absolutely zero substance to ignite a proper debate and neither intent nor power to influence people's behaviour. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law



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But Morey... dont you see the AMAZING analogy and message that "nature" sees us as "evil dictators"??? Just ask any squirrel or baby dear... DUH!!! Come on man, get on the HATE band wagon... everone's hopping on. It doesn't matter how much these suck... actually, that's being to kind...

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yep. godwin. that's what i was thinking.
seems you guys couldn't think of real arguments for this client.
you used stock photos without developing a real concept. that's lazy.
don't put this in your book, it's an insult to every hard working creative person.
and, dear students: please don't ever mirror a picture if you can't do it in an unobtrusive way.

in a nutshell: this work is utter bullcrap.

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It kind of works with Bush (though it's not at all fresh or strong), but as I do know nothing about Hilter's or Osama's environmental policy (and as I suppose, most people don't do so either), these are just weak.

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this is not about environmental policies or similar, it's simply saying that nature hates you because you're such an evil person.
i bet it's gonna win a Golden Turd

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I somehow guessed so, but I couldn't really believe that they used such a weak connection.

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These rock as a series.

Been a while since I've actually seen stuff on here that's been up to scratch.

Doin' it for the points

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the media uses knee jerk reactions and learned, institutionalized behavior to influence the masses. most people couldn't even tell you much about adolf or osama. this isn't good enough to rate a golden turd. more like a bronzed hemorrhoid

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Great visual.
my applause to Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School/ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Are you kidding? This shit is god awful.

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Good ads elicit an immediate emotional response that drive the viewer to take some kind of action (otherwise what's the point?).

These ads only elicit a reaction of "What the f#$K" is that supposed to mean? The action is then to go to www.nrdc.org and try and figure out the connection. These ads do NRDC a great disservice. I believe the original idea has merit but the execution of it's meaning is truly "lost in translation"

I would suggest they take another run at the concept with different (read relevant) imagery.


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Ha ha ha!

How in the world does crappy student work get up here? Doesn't this stuff have to be approved by someone?

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