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"HUH" is correct... I understand now, they are from Brazil and when in Brazil use pictures of G.W. and other "evil men" in your ads... even if it makes not sense to anyone... including NATURE. Hey, Miami Ad School... you should learn a little bit about advertising/message/brief/copy/art direction and so on BEFORE you teach it... Good luck, just think, you can only go up from here because this sucks. Have a great weekend.

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I guess what they're trying to say with this campaign is :
"because of US polution, NATURE sees Bush the same way WE see Hitler" both are responsible for genocide.
A bit weak though

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WTF, guys.
Worst student campaign I've seen in a while.
And I see a lot of student work...

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Dead W_silvera. That work was short list in the One Show. Talk with arguments,it would be better.

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This can be a good concept for students... because it portrays all this three as Evil and not to be like them?

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot


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If the point of this campaign is to suggest a correlation between humans responsible for mass destruction of human life (Hitler, Bin Laden) and humans in general who are responsible for mass destruction of the environment, there are better examples out there. People like Stalin and Chairman Mao are responsible for many millions more deaths than even heinous characters such as Hitler or Bin Laden. I'm purposely not including in my comments your depiction of Bush in your campaign, as your suggestion that he belongs in the same category as Hitler and Bin Laden is a sign of mental illness and, or misinformation on a grand scale. And I mention this, not as a Republican or defender of any politician, but merely as a person of common sense, knowledge of history, and a reasonable sense of perspective.

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laserbeak, my friend, how many people have W Bush condemned to death by invading Afeghanistan and Iraq? Much more than Bin Laden would ever dream of and a number that would surely make hitler proud.

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laserbeak was right. There is another president of US, Harry S. Truman to use here who killed more people than bush.

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Bad strategy. Politicizing conservation of the environment as a single parties cause reduces its effectiveness as people who identify with opposing parties now feel negatively about your campaign, and your cause as an effect. Some people in Brazil actually like George Bush, especially among the wealthy top 30% of the population, who are equally important to the goal of conservation.

Not for profit organizations DO NOT attack political figures for a reason. The exception is lobbying organizations which almost always at arms length from the organization and do not share bankroll.

I'm noticing a trend from Miami ad school. It teaches "being creative" (arguably) but doesn't seem to care at all about teaching strategy and research. I'd love to see something from them that made me eat my words.

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who said that Osama killed people? you guys still believe that?

ps these ads are utter shite

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Well, this campaign won many ad awards, including american awards.
That's the only answer for you guys.
Good luck with your own ads.

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american awards is the worst type of awards, our receptionist can win something at any american awards. This ad would be completly ignored at the D&AD, and thats the real awards as far as I am concerned.
Googling famous and controversial people, turning the images into grayscale and slapping it on a piece of paper is not my idea of a clever ad thats been well thought of.
Bring your ads to Europe and see how far you get

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What!!!! I work in advertising fot 20 years and I dont understantd this Ad. I guess Im no good for awards juries.

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2 evil and 1 chimp.... XD

Trying to retire ad-man

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Guest commenter

nature sees you as evil as bush.

don't know what it's selling. or how i'm supposed to make a difference. or care. or even like the ad since it takes the piss out of me.


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Mr. Bush is evil. I have heard this delusion for years. Regarding the issues in order:

Polution. Mr. Bush voted against the Kyoto treaty because it was a bad treaty. It punishes honest countries and rewards offenders (India, China, etc). His last act as President, besides pardoning a few people, was to declare a large area in the Pacific as a no drill/fish zone.

Genocide: You have Mr. Bush confused with Saddam Hussein. Saddam killed people out of spite. We were attempting to liberate a country from oppression (just like South Vietnam). If anything, the Bush administration is guilty of stupidity. History teaches us that the South Vietnamese, and the Iraqi people for that matter, refused to fight for their freedom. That is why we failed in Vietnam. The Iraqi people are a disparate people with many tribes. Uniting them will be a generational problem. I am a former Marine. I would have never sent my Marines into Iraq, but to say that Mr. Bush is evil is ludicrous. There is no understanding how simple minded and senseless some of you morons are. If I was President, my first action would be to withdraw all funding to countries who don't like us. So you don't like us? Fine. Fend for yourselves. I would let all countries suffer tyranny and oppression, unless they asked for our help. Then I would only help them if they paid us back for said help. Fuck every country that doesn't want our help. Enjoy.

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animals see in black and white...

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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