Conceptual-eyes's picture
1475 pencils

terrible contrived [edited by admin for foul language]

[edited by admin for foul language]'s picture
[edited by admi...

why? i think this [edited by admin for foul language] is a nice [edited by admin for foul language] of [edited by admin for foul language]. anyway, [edited by admin for foul language]'s too [edited by admin for foul language] to [edited by admin for foul language].

two [edited by admin for foul language] up!

iesnek's picture
16 pencils

nope, doesn't do anything for me.

alfredo's picture
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Umm... this is pretty racist.

eraburge's picture
36 pencils

No it's not!!

Chinese people have narrower eyes compared to the rest of the world... we know that, the chinese know that, grow up and stop shouting racism everytime a cultural characteristic is highlighted.

good add, cheeky with strong imagery

Guest's picture

make we should do a fakir for indian tea,by the way im of indian origin myself and totally agrees this is Damn Racist!

ivan's picture

I thought racism is negative discrimination. What's negative or discriminating about showing the features of a typical china man? Just wondering...

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
554 pencils

i'm still feel uneasy

joao a's picture
joao a

i agree with ivan.
whats racist about it?
if it is, the hole scene should be condened.

Guest's picture

absolutely cute.i see no racism in it.People should work on their complexes a bit.

Guest2's picture

It looks rather cute to me...all who feel its racist, must be anti chinese themselves, not to see the cuteness!

ultraboon222's picture
220 pencils

You see cute, I don't.

I'm not sure if people who don't think this isn't racist is ever going to get it. Imagine being tormented all your life by people stereotyping you by your race. On the playground, other kids running up to you and pulling the corners of their eyes outward and chanting "Chinese, Japanese..." even though you're neither. I embrace and am proud of my Asian heritage but it's hard to be when you're bombarded with such insensitive thinking. No one wants to catagorized. People do it often enough.

Stereotypes are always going to be there but how about not using them to sell products.


Too many cooks in the kitchen....

JAGGY's picture
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Worst font i have ever seen

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

mattypoo's picture

umm....that font is not that bad. I have seen faaar worse in ads ...especially the 1000 ads that use helvetica.

i see nothing racist here - its an okay visual but really...does it sell the product?

rudy tulang's picture
rudy tulang
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nice work...congratz dude...

hi world

Guest's picture

next to the nazi ad, it looks like the KKK.

Felipe's picture
Felipe's picture
Dee's picture

racist ? No
Chinese Looking? hmmm
Alien looking? yep

darrenalawi's picture
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This could offend a minority of people, therefore its in bad tase.

Guest's picture

I don't think it would offend any minority...and who said Chinese are minorities?

viejo's picture

Done, done, done....

Guest's picture

Its a stupid idea, very stupid.
What a fuck?

Quink's picture
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yucks. bad taste. there are other ways to sell chinese tea. modern society as moved beyond skin colour and physical attributes.

eraburge's picture
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evidently you haven't

ultraboon222's picture
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A "china man", Ivan? I don't know what's worst, the ad or the way to refer to Chinese people?

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

Guest's picture

Facial features are nothing racist...get a life guys. It looks cute!

fre100's picture
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Great! Even though the face is a bit alian looking.

And you people that find racism in this one. Look up what is really racism!

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