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amazing line :)

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One could cut sarcasm with a butter knife.

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Yeah... it cut like a knife!! Superb headline!

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Open Fire
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I really like the copy.... a good campaign

"By far the most important thing is the art of metaphor". Aristotle.

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I love it!!! And if I was a fan of the bands they feature I would be even more loyal after a campaign like this. I mean it is absolutely fabulous.

As a fan of a different underground scene I love the sarcasm others have noted because it puts others (MTV/BET fans) who think that their opinion matters more than mine because it is shared with a larger, more superficial segment of the population right in their place! I love it, and wish I had come up with it.

On a related note... The Backstreet boys have a new single out. I know, "Who the heck are the Backstreet boys"?

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With all due respect, this is a common line used all around the indie band scene. Nothing new about it really.

I've even seen the same line used (multiple) times in band magazine headlines.

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Agreed. Doesn't anyone try anymore?

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Thanks, well I guess it's time for me to introduce it to the underground hiphop scene.

Culture In Ads: www.culturaltheology.org

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line ok, not superb, please.

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Great line. Great campaign. Although yes, some are better than others.

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Who cares if it was used already in your underground anything...great application!

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