NOVA French Radio FM: Rap

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Paris, Boulogne Billancourt, France
Creative Director: “Les Six”
Art Director: Jessica Gerard-Huet
Copywriter: Jean-François Bouchet
Illustrator: Nova/Folk/Ska : Jean Spezial ; Inde/Funk/Rap : AM i Collective ; Jazz : Jessica Gerard-Huet ; Cuba : Jean-François Bouchet ; James : Richard Mongenet
Photographer: Roger Turqueti
Published: March 2008


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It looks good, but money killing off rap? What doees that even mean?

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They're hinting at commercialism killing quality and credibility, I'd suppose.

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Good Art on all of these.

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I'd like to order the covers. they're just great!

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Radio Nova is well-known for its more "underground" music selection.
For example, 2000's (Gangsta) Rap like 50-cent, Souljaboy, Kanye West and all the others are not that kind of rap the radio is playing.
You should listen to it (if you want...) :

The agency also done a TV campaign, wich is not bad. Like the print campaign, an ad for each music style. "The blues music" one have been banned from TV because it was said that the film has racist content... Thanks CSA !

"Racist ad" :

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After seeing these wonderful ads my expectations for the TV campaign were quite high... It was a bit of a disappointment to see these animations. But kudos for the print campaign!

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I much prefer the print campaign, ok, but I don't agree with you about the commercials, Lee : the one with the boat and the different islands is really well made. I wouldn't call that "animated crap". Nor the funk one : it's a s beautiful as an Edward Hopper painting ! And globally, I've found them all quite refreshing : we see so much ugly 3D movies !

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As you can see, copycop, I 'softened' my comment about the animations. You absolutely have a point, I was a bit too fast with posting my comment. That sometimes happens, and now I took the opportunity to make up for it. Well, this is what this site is for, judging campaigns AND the comments. We learn every day...

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Here I am again, copycop. I've seen the 'folk' one now and I'm totally convinced; it's brilliant.

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