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egad... throw that line again pardner
it lost me... but i believe its cause of my incomplete education.

|dizligzig drunk... the heights|

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I'm not getting it, but maybe it's a cultural thing.


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I got it right away. And I have no culture. ;)

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Jeronimo Fernandez
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The ad is for a company that sells dark tinted glass for cars, which are very very common in Brazil (and here in Argentina as well, for that matter). The common thought is that if criminals can't see what's inside the car, they won't try to smash the glass to steal whatever is inside.

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nice initial idea when explained so detailed. straitforward execution kills it, sorry.

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well people, the ad tell us about some levels of this "solar-filter-film-for-cars" (i dont know in english).
if you dont have a filter, your notebook, or whatever you let in the backseat car, will be available for thiefs easylly, as you can read the line.
if you have a filter with 70% light, the line becomes a little more dificult to read... until 5% light (or 95% dark, as you wish) when you can not read the line (or: the thief can not see your possession on the backseat).
to get this you need just 5% of your inteligence... well, maybe is cultural, pneuburg.

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Intelligent ad!!!

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Bah! Tom Cruise's and Angelina Jolie's campaign is much, much better.

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There's a good idea here, but it's not coming through.

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Saw that in Cannes. Very nice.

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