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I think the reason why a note is placed inside the bottle is for it not to get wet. Unless this Post-it is water proof then this ad does not work for me.

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Looks student to me... bucket had good remarks.

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clever but maybe if it was inside the bottle but maybe it wouldnt work

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I get the communication fine, but like Brandon and Bucket pointed out, it's not really there. And if the point was that it's really sticky/strong, I think there are other instances to use as an example that don't have problems with the environment (water) that this one does.

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Bucket... i don't quite know how to say this, but you are an idiot
so no one cares if it works for you..
"unless Post-it is waterproof..." buy a vowel and get a clue you!

Now that is out of the way. I think this ad is shit! Yeah sure it's easy to
understand, but they could have done soooo much more with it.

I'll show it to my grandma - she might think it's funny.

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So so... Sticky Post-It pad is not water proof man, the ad has failed miserably... Done for awards only... But the ad doesn't work for so many of the people who posted their comments, let alone the judges...

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Its a good thinking in the wrong area ...
keep ia up ...

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too focused on stickiness forgot its not waterproof. they could have played more on the idea

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What a goof up....very silly!

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This might have been better done say on an airplane wing. Maybe a shot out the window of an airplane shows the note stuck on the wing saying, "Fix this" with an arrow to a missing bolt or something as the clouds stream past. At least it would show potential use: as a reminder - but still have the comic "oops" factor. Just an idea. *shrug*

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