Norwegian Air: Gift wrap

Norwegian wanted to say Merry Christmas and give thanks to their Finnish customers, who had just chosen them as the 'most liked airline in Finland' (EPSI 2013 research). The ad was published in Finland's biggest newspaper on Christmas Eve - just in time for some last minute gift wrapping.

Advertising Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland
Copywriter: Antti Tähtinen
Creative Director / Art Director: Antero Jokinen
Graphic Designer: Isa Jokela-Gomes
Producer: Elina Tähtinen
Strategists: Dan Goodall, Peter Barmer
Client Team Director: Kimmo Tupala
Published: December 2013


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Very nice use of the medium. Now would I use newsprint to wrap my gift? I would appear kind of not all together there. I really don't care about you so I wrapped this gift for you in newsprint. But nevertheless, nice idea.

Hand on my heart

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Totally agree with Salil07. Who the heck wraps gifts in a newspaper ad? I'm sure that even the guys from ad agency wouldn't do it.

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Boris Batkin
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These guys must have some kind of brain damage or then they are high on crack.
I am from Russia and even I don't wrap my gifts in newspaper.

Tell you what. I will make a huge shit and send it to you. You take a picture of it and post it here.

By the way check out this...


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