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people who don't know the difference between a '1925 Norton Roadster' and a bloody BMW shouldn't try to do ads to please western juries. Wake up, dudes! Can't you see that BIG boxster engine???? This one particular ad is goingo cause major laughter in the hallowed halls of award judgement. And the whole campaign gonna get a huge laugh, anyways, because it's just a line version of the brilliant NHB campaign http://bp3.blogger.com/_zbjqMnpFubQ/RcVyEvKKvCI/AAAAAAAAAHU/jejP65F-dt...
which just so happens to be superior in terms of photography, art-direction, concept... pretty much everything, actually.

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headlines? Ivan, are you okay?

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these were the ones i was refering to in my other post on the other ad in this series. i much prefer the nhb sound studio ones to these. i'd rather see the noise you are trying to achieve than read about it. or would i? the theatre of the mind is a pretty powerful tool as well. i'm torn now. back to my corner.

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Ney Frances
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this is the cheap version of NHB campain! but i love all types

is there life before death?

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do you mean you love all copywriters? or all type faces?

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I like the Moog campaign, the NHB campaign is cool, but this one is sooooooo boring. I hate multiple typos in a single ad, it takes away the readabilty (is this word ok??).


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the sixth in droga5
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I think the execution in Moog is too pat. I like NHB. But this one's like a book without pictures, let's you use your imagination fill the gap. Nice.

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True. I wonder how two frogs humping would sound. Hmmmmm... running out of imagination, am I? The easier way to do sound studio adverts is go the visual route. Lines are good. Simply love 'em.

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