Non c'è pace senza Giustizia (No peace without justice): Choice

Make the choice to leave your mark. Sign here to stop Female Genital Mutilation.

Advertising Agency: PAN Advertising, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Giorgio Bonifazi Razzanti
Art Director: Tommaso Guerra
Copywriter: Valerio Balzano
Photographer: Enrico Caputo
Published: February 2010


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Richard Finch
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Apart from not having any creative value, this sends an utmost disturbing message:

Watch the print.
"Make the choice to leave your mark."
"Female Genital Mutilation".
- Make your choice.

(Yes, I understand the intended metaphor.)

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interesting the concepto. but i dont now, i feel lost the message

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I get that they ment "if you dont help stop it, its like youre doing it too", but sound like theyre givin you a choice
bad copy

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I agree.. It has a nice concept but has a bad copy

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From the communication point of view, the shining blade leaves a strong mark in my mind on the horror of genital mutilation . Having said that, question is whether it will initiate a signature from me (until someone comes to my door)? Or rather, will my signature by any means help stop the mutilation? I'm yet to find an answer.


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MarioLuigi Bros
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Brutta forte,

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Part of the reason people are confused by this is because the translation is wrong. The correct translation would read:

"You decide what mark to leave." in bold, and then subtext says "sign (as in petition signature) right away to stop Female Genitalia Mutilation."

Hope that clears it up!

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