Nomad: Zeppelin

Advertising Agency: Lola Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Directors: Chacho Puebla, Jorge Lopez
Creative Directors: Eduardo Martinez Gil, Juan Sevilla, Juan Christmann
Art Directors: Eduardo Martinez Gil, Juan Sevilla
Copywriter: Juan Christmann

April, 2012


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Design Central
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Brilliant layout I would say!

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Ad Analyst


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Idiotic comment. Are you saying that no one can do vintage layouts?

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nice photography and imagery, im not too sure what the text has to do with it .... (im not a skateboarding fan)

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It's referring to the Wright Brothers.

Great copy, visuals, and typography as well.

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I don't think it has anything to do with the Wright brothers. They invented the airplane. But had nothing to do with Zeppelins.

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Old is Gold
good combination of Typo & Image

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

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No reflection on the communication, but that looks like a seriously shitty skateboard.

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I skate and this campaign makes no sense at all to me. The art direction might catch the eye of some people in the business that log onto this site, but aside from that, real skaters (old school as well as new) and not posers, probably see no connection or relevance what so ever. The creative team and/or planners have definitely never skated... or probably just stepped on a board to feel the awesome sensation of sidewalk surfing! Sk8 NOT DEAD! This campaign is!

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5403 pencils


I skate, and I totally agree with your comments.

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I don't skate, but I snowboard and my first thought was boards for posers.

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Nike Diesel
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Same here.

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like visual ant typography but i'm sure this is yet another fake made only for awards subscription.

As wrote above, it makes no sense and for sure it doesn't works for skateboarders and on a skateboard magazine.

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Art direction is solid.

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the best art direction of the year!

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