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Oliviero , same old thing!
There is no creative in this ad. It's over Mr Toscani.

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Well, these are sad pictures. I think it's the best thing they can do - show real anorectic body. I don't know if it changes something but it definitely raises brand awareness...

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andrej dwin
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it took him years and years, but finally toscani found again someone who lets him do his thingies and put them on billboards without having to pay for it.
again and not surprisingly, the media fell for his plot and played the game.
again the public fell for his plot and got "shocked".

chances are people will change their behaviour, but this time I'm too old to care about it.
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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I think it's horrible to exploit such a terrible desease just to SELL TSHIRT AND SKIRT.

There is no creative idea in this ad. It's just a picture that portraits a fragile person with the claim NO ANORRESSIA. It's just like showing a war scene and write "NO WAR"... I think it's senseless and respectless for people who suffer. I know, from personal experience and by reading article about this campaign (in Italy it's been highly discussed), that people who have this problem do not see themselves thin and they don't understand that being too thin is a problem. So this campaign doesnt help people.

It's just a low way to make people talk about Oliviero Toscani, the photographer and AD of this campaign, that wasnt workin lately (after living Benetton).
So, if the purpose of this campaign was to talk about Toscani, it's a very successfull campaign.
But if its aim was to HELP PEOPLE who suffer, or aware people of a problem, i think it is not successfull at all.

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Toscani is still in the 90s.

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i dont like it.

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poor visual...

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Toscani go home...

Oh no, I'm Italian... Toscani leave home!

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bet half of those giving negative comments on this ad are bloody anorexic, so bringing ur plight to ur face hurt. The ad is not any different from the cordaid people in need campaign that featured darfur refugees so why crucify Toscani

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Oliviero , same old thing!
There is no creative in this ad. It's over Mr Toscani.