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!! जय श्रीराम !!

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I got a headache reading that copy.

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| Everartz |

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its a 3D poster... u need those 3d glasses i suppose... No?

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Wow, that looks nice in 3D!


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Congratulations a nice ad. 3D!

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Wadih A3
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cool 3D ad

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este aviso está sabroso. buen camello

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Why in 3d?

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Marlus Lau
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If it is really a 3D ad, the idea is cool. Still, I think the art is bad, could be more interesting.

Anyway, who has 3D glasses in it's pocket? No one can figure if it really is or not. So, this is bad.

And if it is not 3D, this ad sucks! The crappiest and nonsense ad ever.

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Wadih A3
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If it is in a cinema door, in a 3D movie it could work, you´ll have the glasses

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Great... simple idea and fresh.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Related?maybe i didn't get it.
and If i have to wear some special thing to read a ad,my life not simple at all!

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I think they want to relate misprinting to disturbed digestive System......if this is so, only that people will understand the concept who r in printing or technical field

manish parsodkar
Art Director

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I don't think this ad is about 3d. It's about not being aligned properly. The registration of the colours is off. A bit like your digestive system if you don't eat the correct food.
Nice idea. The line is very clunky and is not helping. What's simplier got to do with it?

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Simply targetting.

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were is my 3D glasses, gotta read the copy.

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!! जय श्रीराम !!