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Hang on a moment, wasn't there a campaign exactly like this at Cannes this year for some knife brand?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Its cruel !!!


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Pretty good!

bknowlden's picture
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Solid art direction for a student, but no need for four of these. And yes, I'm pretty sure weyerhaeuser knives has done something like this.

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2334 pencils

Occasionally, something will pop up on adsoftheworld.com to remind us of just how good advertising can be when smart creatives come up with an intriguing concept and execute it well. A case in point is the Anti-Cigarette Butt Pollution print ads, an edgy, challenging new campaign.

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I hope the agency at these things afterwards ....

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I think there no need for such gore! You could use sock tactics even if you dont kill the bunny

everartz's picture
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good work...

| Everartz |

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Muy buena campaña. Muy gráfica. Sólo hubiera usado otro color de fondo para contrastar con el blanco del conejo.

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sik art dir!

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designada grafica
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Una crudisima campaña que te hace reflexionar...

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Uhh claro, para reflexionar tuvieron que matar el concejo a golpes, congelarlo y luego tomarle la foto... uhhh que campañota, maltratando los animales... Buen mensaje. Felicitaciones

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Ke huevon...nunca ha oido hablar de fotomontage????.....dios santo...a estas alturas de la vida y la tecnologia ..y todavia con ese tipo de comentarios.!!!!!!!

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OK. Someone here is obviously a fan of Damien Hirst...And he or she is copying him.

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Dev Kumar
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Striking visuals although in a couple of instances, the creatures shown to have fag butts in their insides, are not the types to make that mistake. In this one though, the butts are too large. But for art school level, good effort.

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cigarette butts kill wildlife and this ad did, too?
or wasn't it a real animal?

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so pity rabbit that leave in wrong place

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good campaing, nice art dir.

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Javier Ramírez
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RT @iT-iS-i: Hang on a moment, wasn't there a campaign exactly like this at Cannes this year for some knife brand?

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Very done, but as long as it's students work - nice

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It might be correct message but some of that series was totally off. Good Idea always have the message. A bit off for the art direction and it was being save by the D.I. so not bad.

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