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September 2009

Print advertisment created by University of North Texas, United States for, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: University of North Texas, USA
Art Director / Copywriter: Jason Perez
Photographer: Scott Harben
Instructor: Jack Sprague

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More than any other of the series in this campaign, the chicken has the most profound effect on me because that's what I consume the most. This imagery is very effective at being both shockingly disgusting and hypnotic, like a car wreck on the interstate. I'm not personally a smoker and am not fond of the habit, but I do have friends and loved ones that do. Luckily they're all pretty respectful when it comes to their cigarette butts. Brings to mind the old euphemism: you are what you eat.

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...a one legged chicken?

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Nay, most likely not one legged, simply chopped in half to show his insides.

On another note, it's a fairly effective ad, sure to make some stomachs turn.

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Good to know that I can get poison from cigarettes without actually being a smoker.

Do you think PETA will raise a fuss over this campaign?

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This is terrible. It seems really irrelevant. Does smoking really kill animal? Do smokers really care?

It seems like young ferrel art directors kill animals not cig butts. And isn't that (animal mutilation) an early sign of serial killer?

We should keep an eye on "Dexter" here. Look at that precision!

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Cousin Fred!!
This is unacceptable and cruel

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Love it.

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Dev Kumar
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They're saying that the chicken will feed on cigarette butts. It's not right on 2 counts: first, chicken are very careful about what they eat and second, stray chicken, if any, don't end up on our plates.

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cutting the poor animals into half just for your crap idea???

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i think chickens have been killed for far lesser causes. get off your high horse

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This wasn't photoshoped, was it?
man... looks like a voodoo to me.
great effort though