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Christ I hope none of you people work in advertising.
All of you except Brandon miss the point of the campaign.
Look at ALL the ads as a series:

It's a fun little campaign, with the right copy and the right photography.
(If you used 'foto' in my creative team Ashlands, you'd be sacked.)
and it effectivley acheives its goal of making the audience think twice
about traditional barbers.

PS: Wickedcheese - "The photo just lacks contrast.
Or maybe it was done on purpose? I'm clueless."

Yes, you're kind of clueless I'm afraid.
For Christ's sake, you go to Starbucks you fool! No-one with any interest
in quality goes to bloody Starbucks, they're the world's worst coffee chain.
Anyhow, the technique is called 'cross-processing' and has great contrast.
The ad isn't selling the products anyway. Next you'll be telling us
the photo isn't focussed properly. ;-)

And finally nitigiya, I'm sure you never would/could write lines like these.
You're in India, and I wouldn't expect you to comprehend the cultural or social
relevance of the copy for this campaign. Like most ads, it has it's own particular
social and cultural relevance (and resonance). Why do you think we make different ads
in different countries (and even towns, regions, states) for the same product?