Nissan X-Trail: Sign, 3

X-Trail with GPS now in Egypt.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Arindam Sengupta
Art Directors / Copywriters: Sameh George, Youssef Gadallah
Photographer: Hussien Shaban


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Shubhra Aggarwal
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ummm ..if Egypt already has these handy signboards to help you at various cross-roads.. what is the GPS in the car for? .. or i have clearly, missed the point.. :O

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u missed the point... try at least understand what's written then comment.
Although it's a regular idea with nothing new.....

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The ad is bad like it is now. It would have been a great ad if there were only the street names in arab language. Then you would use a GPS because you do not understand the hieroglyphs. But as it is now, written also in english, it has no sense and no meaning for using a GPS. So, I would take out the panel with the street names in english, and transform it in a good ad.

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hold it there! the name in arabic isnt as the one in english! so.....hmm where are we now?

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the one in Arabic is other name for other street diff. than the one in English
so u have to understand the language b4 u judge :)
am Egyptian
and btw i don't like it as " raducumucu" said It would have been a great ad if there were only the street names in arabic language

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R U serious
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It's a no.

Say my name, say my name...

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if you live in egypt and understand arabic you'll be able to understand the ads... they are actually creative and very nice

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The 2 signs are 2 different street names and both arrows are on the same direction

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Bad photos, idea is totally understandable by local ppl, but still this idea could be executed to be universe. for ex. either use both in Arabic or both in English

a question: do u really need Hussien Shaaban to do this? a pro photographer??

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mmm.... i believe if the campaign or the Ad. is so local, it should not exist in this site for voting :(

simply it is not multinationals... !!!!

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