Nissan: Sentra

Escape the pattern.

Advertising Agency: Lew, Lara / TBWA, Brazil
Creatives: André Laurentino
Creatives Directors: André Laurentino
Account Team: Alexandre Baroni, Fabricio Takahashi, Fernanda Silvado e Arthur Taneli
Photo Director: Marcelo Durst

August 2008


sneakyhands's picture
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i liked this line the best. the 350z line took 2nd place. however, saying 'escape the pattern' and showing nissan driving around on a giant pattern is overkill for me. though, i do like the art a lot.

FreshID's picture
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Do we need the bunch of lines, o my good were is the patern.?

darojobe's picture
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as much as i love op art, i've yet to see it brilliantly adapted onto anything else other than fashion and furniture.

nice "satisfaction guaranteed, or your boredom back" though.

mrtalented's picture
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4 creative directors & 5 creatives on 1 ad?

NatalieM's picture
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The copy is great. Art direction needs some refining.

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