Nissan Note: Map

Note with GPS and A/C for free.

Advertising Agency: Bruketa & Zinic, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director: Moe Minkara
Art Director: Tomica Jurica Kacunic
Copywriter: Daniel Vukovic
Designer: Igor Miletic
Photographers: Tomica Jurica Kacunic
Published: March 2008


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don't you see? Theoretically they want you to get lost in the concept, so then they can sell gps for the mind...

... its already been done...

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its not hard to understand come on. its not gret but its readable. the fans useless cos the cars have GPS now so its being used as a fan

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The line makes no sense, they must have got the translation wrong.

Even then, the visual says now that GPS comes free you don't need a map, so use it as a fan, oh but you don't need a fan cause A/C is free too. So you should probably just throw the fan you just made out of the redundant map into the bin and just write an ad for free GPS since every car since the 80's comes with free A/C.

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The map is also a fan. The ad's for GPS and A/C. Map=GPS; fan=A/C. Whatever.

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jungle boy
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note with GPS? and AC for free? huh?

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This is how it goes: there is Free GPS, so maps are useless... so you make into a fan.

THERE is NO FREE AC - but now that you have made the maps into a fan, you have 'a FREE AC' that is your map fan!

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This useless map concept is done for a car brand but could not remember which one.

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Alistair C.
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bah, this is so simple, i'm amazed by how many dumb comments there are. Map and a/c in one... just like the fan made from a map.

Nice idea!

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Very nice indeed.

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global cooling car?

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I agree, it's a simple visual metaphor for GPS and A/C. I think it's pretty cool.

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Done. Done. Done.

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You don't write A/C when you wanna mean airconditioner. You write so when you wanna mean Account as in Savings account.

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is not hard to catch, but is lame anyway.

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meets the brief in a creative way. nice!

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Abra Cadabra
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So the car doesn't come with A/C?

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