Nissan: Four, 1

Advertising Agency: Lew´Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Creatives Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, Manir Fadel, Mariana Sá
Creatives: Bernardo Romero, Marcos Almirante
Ilustrator: Bernardo Romero
Art-buyer: Ana Karina Mello, Ale Sarilho, Giuliano Springhetti
Graphic Production: Marcos Pedra
Account: Marcio Oliveira, Alexandre Baroni, Kayode Adegeye, Thiago Barioni
Media: Luiz Ritton, Rodrigo Simões, André Magalhães, Marina Campanatti

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no for me

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People are too dumb these days to get this. They should have used Red Power Ranger, Yellow Power Ranger, and so on.

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this is the best, the others... ehhh, but this one is nice

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the thought is super. creative is a waste. Try putting pictures instead of typo with tags or something. right now its very very boring.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I like this campaign. It's an interesting interpretation of the power of 4x4 beautifully executed. I like the clever but simple art direction of making the four independent forces mentioned in each of the ads, look like the tyres on a 4x4 wheel base. I also agree with the 'chuckieT' comment above, are people too dumb for this?

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Mr. Graf
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the point is that you guys got it, and it sells. Creatively speaking, the copy's good, 4 elements working together as 1, cool, you can't put a orchestra or power rangers, maybe ninja turtles. But the thing is to make it universal so everybody in the world can get it, not only americans.


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How do you know it sells?

It's very feature driven. It's just explaining quite vaguely how 4-wheel drive works, which people already know. It's not conveying any benefit and it's not differentiating this brand's 4 wheel drive from any other. For example, BMW's xDrive favours the rear wheels slightly so the car still feels like it performs like a RWD.

Also, visually, it has very little emotional impact; it doesn't convey the security of driving a 4WD or the excitement of where it can take you. Take a look at some of BBH London's Audi Quattro print ads and you'll see how they say much the same thing but with far more visual impact.

So why exactly do you think "it sells"?

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Mr. Graf
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Cause i think not everybody knows what 4WD/AWD mean, plus i think there's a very good analogy of how 4 elements can work together as one, i won't say it is GOOD, i just said it sells and works. I actually know that you got a point comparing Audio Quattro ads, and it's true that it doesn't say where can it take you, but then like you said, everybody knows what 4WD/AWD means. I just like the way how they got around it and they didn't even had to show you where you can go, they say it works and is up to you to know where you can take it, so buy it and you'll know, that's the only way you'll know if it's good or not.


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Mr. Graf
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Oh! I forgot, it's simple and direct.


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