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Activity Score 660

good photography can not save a bad idea

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Phil Lestino
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How do the splashes of paint make it more tough, more stylish, more spacious or more desirable.....this hasn't been thought through just on the back of a load of other ads with coloured balls, paper ballooons....

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I have to agree with Phil. Another thing - graphic designer made some common mistakes: perspective and scaling are lost (car looks somehow small and it has weird angle of placement), some objects cast shadows some don't (blue chair-lamp-something), sources of light are different for some objects. Those things could have been done better. Besides all this - it is quite eye-catcher. Maybe because of those paint splashes.

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there is a portion problem in the layout... this car looks faultily small.

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Nice one.


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when nissan launched the campaign in german tv they bought advertising time in every important tv-channel at the same time before the prometime movie, it was a 3min making of plus the spot... so much money for such crap!

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something kinda Saved By The Bell about it.

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Sven Gali
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not even close here...the integrity of the shot, the product placement, and the copy are all in question here--no sale.

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Did u guys ask the intern student to do that?

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Activity Score 660

good photography can not save a bad idea

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Activity Score 16

I have no idea what the visuals are trying to say (although the open boot seems to imply something crude) and the styling, design and layout are badly put together and ugly.
This feels like below-average student work.