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December 2011
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Non-Disposable Syringes Are The Second Biggest Cause Of Hiv.

Advertising Agency: DDB, India
Creative Director: Ravinder Siwach
Copywriter: Ravinder Siwach
Photographer: Mukul Raut

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The reflection on the mirror is totally wrong!
The lady's reflection is straight, upright compared to the actual lady's slanted posture!
The inside of the lady's headgear should be visible and also, look closely at the turning knob of the stand that holds the drip.
The face of the knob is facing perpendicular to the mirror yet the reflection somehow suggested that the face of the knob is facing at the mirror directly!
The patient's bed is also too small for an adult and/or for him right? hmm

I considered this a FAIL! The rest of the campaign are good works thou..


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