Nippo Torches: Reverse The Fear, Ghost, 2

Reverse The Fear

Advertising Agency: BEI Confluence Communication, New Delhi, India
Creative Directors: Anwar Abbas, Mohammad Zaid, Ammar Mohammad
Art Director / Illustrator: Mohammad Zaid
Copywriter: Ammar Mohammad
Published: April 2012


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Black Hour
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Lot of references to video games, nice one we got here.

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Cool Work !!

Live with Passion

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Barbara O.
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Hilariously simple and clear

Barbara O.

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chiflete comunic
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The kid is from the video game "Limbo" the art is from "Limbo" and the light and monsters idea is from "Alan Wake" and many before that.

This is anything but original or creative sorry!

because therefore it is

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Bumper Sticker
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sorry, this is not a copy of anything. we have created this and this is original. i have not played that game you mentioned. never even heard of that. i was a second life addict. that damaged my life big time. no game no more. nothing more than that. thanks

Loves roasted fish and flute

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Bumper Sticker
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oh and again, i have googled limbo after i read your comment and wow. they are awesome! I will die for hell to work for limbo and machinarium if i get a chance :)

Loves roasted fish and flute

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Hope you do cause it was 1 man team, he might want company.

because therefore it is

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wow. sorry man, looks way too much like blatant plagiarism to me.

poor form, poor poor form.

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I like the art.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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Nice! works

Love creating ads..

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The art is great but the idea is a little old, the "turn off fear" torch campaign for example

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