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love all 3.
that's copywriting.

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What the Hell
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Old art direction > Copy not funny enough > Very good idea to show the very specific problems that Boots can solve.

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I think moms can totally relate. Pressures are put on them to be perfect. Well, this is perfection. It is the truth and it's done humourously. Bravo Mother, Bravo!

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it's cute, but unoriginal. the bar is much highers for Mother and they didn't clear it this time. I see the Illustrator' s the one that uploaded & those are beeeautiful!

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love it, this one with the pictture, ouch!

... its already been done...

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art direction is so uninviting to me, i don't even want to read it.

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great art and copy. I've read it a few times as it is so much fun.

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Muy bueno!
No tanto el arte.


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Art direction and layout are so 80s and the copy could have been way more insightful/funny/empathetic.

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The hand drawn part of the ad is great. I'm not so keen on the layout of the ad though. And ditch the font Boots, your style hasn't changed since the 80s. If the text and product shot had been incorporated into the rest of the ad better ... even if it was just the grey paper background over the whole surface ...

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not sure why they have used childish/ early teen style illustration to talk about adult health problems?
i don't dig it

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Love it, although it doesn't really sit with the Boots brand that well.

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great copy - another great campaign brought to you by Mother

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Dislike me your ad, the art direction is old and the copy is forced for communicate the idea.

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