Nintendo DSI XL: Mushroom

The family widens the 5th March

Advertising Agency: Alerte Orange, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Bodeur
Art Director: Philippe Vallet
Published: February 2010


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Funny... no nintendo this ad? (don't understand or rather i think i dooooo what?) I only like the art work.

Simple ideas are the best !

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El Barto
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That's just perfect.

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what does the mushroom have to do with the widening screen?

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I think that's a character of the famous Super Mario series.

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bad astronaut
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it's a power up item.

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OMG have u NOT played marios bros ever?!

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The mushroom makes you bigger, if you never played mario bros then I guess you don't get the joke.

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nice but come on... seen it before.. A LOT

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Like, where?
I hate people that "show of" saying they have seen everything just by saying... DONE.

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I am so intrigued. It seemed that before it was all about small gadgets. Lately they are growing. The ipad, computer screens, and now the nintendo DS.

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A bit more synthetic would've been better.
The idea is so so...

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if the layout was in landscape , it would had been more better....screens are always horizontal and looks wider and good.......even the mario game moves horizontally.

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I haven't seen this before and so i think the idea is simple and great.

The execution could have a bit more minimalism though.

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ek kanya
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ok nice it is.

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a little sound comes to mind.

plim plim plim.

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This has been done. And the mushroom is all wrong, FYI.

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If it works for the market then cool, but I'm bored with it...

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The Brainchild Group
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Interesting ad, though it pertains to closely to Nintendo fans. Broadening the message might attract a newer, younger customer base.

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it serves the purpose


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This one is awesome! XD Mushroom to enlarge the screen..Bravo XD

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its awesome....A nintendo fan will get it in a blink.....perfect

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