Nin World PSP Repair: Nose picking

Advertising Agency: Quórum Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi Lima, Peru
Creative: Jaime Chehade
Art Directors / Illustrators: Victor Curo, Renato Peña, Jorge Gogin, Saúl Abad
Creative Director: Jaime Chehade
Executive Creative Director: Oscar Garcia


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Guest commenter

Got it and like it.

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Guest commenter

These are lame. i picked my nose and broke my psp?? i get the weed one better...but even that one took more brain power than it needed

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nope. you didn't get it.

try again.

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Nokia wang

I think the "smoking"one is better.
Cos after it's broken down,people go back to somke seems got no idea about himself.

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best 'nose pick' ilustration iv'e ever seen.



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from weak to poor.

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Don Rapper
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its a very good idea. sometimes people dont get simple ideas

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I can pick my nose and play with my PSP at the same time. Take that NIN World!

I think, therefore... yeah.

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good legs

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