Nin World: Praying

Advertising Agency: Quórum Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi Lima, Peru
Creative: Jaime Chehade
Art Directors / Illustrators: Victor Curo, Renato Peña, Jorge Gogin, Saúl Abad
Creative Director: Jaime Chehade
Executive Creative Director: Oscar Garcia

October, 2008


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Guest commenter

Praying is an addiction tooooooo lol.

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Guest commenter

AMEN!!!!!! Love this

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this is the worst one - praying is not just some mindless repetitive task like...nose picking !!!

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You're not Catholic, are you... :)

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Dusan Zica
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nose picking is an art for itself.

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i agree, this just pushed it too far. funny is funny,
but this is blasphemis.



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oh come on. crap

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cookie monster

people are just getting spicy because of the contrast between all of the other ads in this series. But if you separate this from the others and examine it in what would be its natural setting it is better than the others because it speaks about the urgency of repair.

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This ad just shows how dangerous this console can be for your soul. Praying is not something that should be replaced by anything else, more again when it's replaced by something which only purpose is to please your flesh.

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I couldn't tell that the rosary was a rosary....

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Well there's another way to look at it.. You pray and pray you'll get a PSP and then you finally get one... it breaks .. and you pray and pray to get a new one/get it fixed...

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