Nin World: Gambling

Advertising Agency: Quórum Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi Lima, Peru
Creative: Jaime Chehade
Art Directors / Illustrators: Victor Curo, Renato Peña, Jorge Gogin, Saúl Abad
Creative Director: Jaime Chehade
Executive Creative Director: Oscar Garcia

October, 2008


Rastamathamba420's picture
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Es dificil comentar de una pieza tan abstracta... creo que con una fundamentación estaría bien.


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Guest commenter

This one is great. Gambling is a hardcore vice LOL. I wish I had a PSP Ill have saved a looooot of money.
Well done guys got a couple of this vices good insight.

picktokyo's picture
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something missing and I think this series is just ok. Idea is old

STRTLRS's picture
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These don't sell. The PSP (or any other console) is not a suitable replacement to any of the activities depicted (with the exception of nose picking, and even that's enjoyable). Where's the benefit? I'll take poker over video games any day.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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