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93 pencils

It's cool,me also done similar to this type of Ad for my college project....

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special k
145 pencils

and one for the boxer shorts users?

Arisca's picture
164 pencils

Very nice.

heemaz's picture
8 pencils

I think this great original work from JWT cairo, Good job guys.

elmikel's picture
1147 pencils

Very simple and quite clever. good job!

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Have Heart
922 pencils

Nice, but the art-direction is absolutely wishy-washy. Could be A LOT better.

Wren's picture
66 pencils

The art drection is immaculate. So is the idea.

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me thinks
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Love that. Good work, people.

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i love these!!! i also think the old used vinyls look much better than if they had been brand new and shiny. well done to whoever did this job.

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cool ad! I Like

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Corona Raymaker
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Well, great idea, really like it.
But I think this is not very gentleman-like. The other one hits the point perfectly.

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so they used the same crappy photos of smudged, dusty records for both ads, and just lowered the two bottom records for the "gentleman's" version?
very very weak.

the only thing that'd make these work is if they were put on some kind of background other than white - for example leopard print and red silk for the ladies, and then just skip this version altogether since it makes no sense at all.

now, if they'd manage to arrange the records in a way that would convey something that actually meant something gentlemanly, then it would be heaps better. and also if they'd actually taken some decent photos.

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mast idea yaar!!

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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