Nikon D3: Autostereogram, Zebra

With 2 LiveView modes, the new Nikon D3 is the only SLR camera that lets you confirm focus or frame a shot using its ultra-high definition, 922,000 pixes, 3 insh LCD monitor.
Nikon D3
Focus faster.

If you haven't seen such "magic-eye" images before, open the full size image and stare at it for several seconds. Try to focus behind the screen as if you were looking for something behind the glass. Suddenly you will see a 3D shape as if it was covered in wallpaper.
Via: newcreatives


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nice running zebra

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Let's use optical illusions (that btw don't work) to advertise a camera! Absolute genius! Not.

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This sucks, for exactly the reasons you enumerated.

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I can't see anythink bur it's my foult.

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