Nikon: Beach

Nikon SB-800
Ultimate flash.

Advertising Agency: Ad Planet Group, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: eo
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Alfred Teo
Art Directors: Khoo Meng Hau, Tan Leong Lee, Fenglin
Copywriter: ichael

March 2008


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Hmm? The (3) pictures are taken in the exact moment someone flashed this camera far away? i somehow think they intend to say that's the flash of the camera used for this pic, but that doesn't work - does it?

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apart from that Wordnerd .. i find it over promising... art wise, there is no difference between the sun and the flash's light.. both are the exact same which is not right...its not working for me..

| Everartz |

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john doe
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nice copycat.
osram did this years ago:

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done before,oops!!!!

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copy line should be "Double flash"

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Boas ideas
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Otra exageración mas!

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I don't get it. ¿Is the beach a picture taken, or are we in front of the flash?


Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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LA exageración no es mala. pero es algo que ya se ha hecho antes.

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I have a few problems with this. One, this execution (almost exactly) has been done several times. And two, a flash screwing up your pictures isn't a good thing.

I will say that they are well put together though.

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exactly the same idea than ford ranger.

the layout is the same.

copy. another copy.

come on guys more creativity.

just try!

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360 grados
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very cool

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I think this has been done by a jeep brand before.
I'm not aware strong flash is a good selling feature for cameras like this.


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Like it. Says 'ultimate' dramatically!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Jet Lee
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At first I thought this ad was very similar to the 'Tide' press ad by Leo Burnett Mumbai some years ago.
(Anyone has the direct reference link? This is the closest link i could find > the first image on the result page:

But apparently, having read the comments above, there were even more similar ads in the past, like the OSRAM and the Ford Ranger XLT.

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